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12.3  cluster

12.3 cluster

Goods gross weight:2KG

Product description:12.3 inch Digital Meter

Clusters are evolving from analog instruments to fully digital clusters, providing you with

the information you need for safe, convenient, and pressure free drives. All-digital clusters combine vehicle driving information (including speed, fuel or charging level, travel distance

computer, etc.) with comfort information (such as external temperature, clock, and vent control). In addition, these digital clusters work in conjunction with vehicle infotainment systems to control multimedia, browse phone books or make phone calls, or select navigation destination addresses. In other words, the digital dashboard is the gateway to

the complete electronic functions of the modern car cockpit. Digital cluster provides an

intuitive user interface that presents this information in an ergonomic and easy to

consume manner, making your journey a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

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