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Resume of president

Our company is President boasts an extensive background of over 10 years in globally recognized automotive parts companies, with expertise spanning quality, operations, and supply chain management. He has a specialized focus on diverse product domains like automotive air conditioning, antennas, and cockpit electronics.

 The President has demonstrated outstanding performance in the realm of quality management, particularly as a seasoned coach for tools such as 6 Sigma. His guidance and coaching have effectively empowered our company to leverage these tools, resulting in elevated quality standards and operational efficiency. In the arena of supply chain management, the President possesses comprehensive knowledge and practical experience. 

Collaborating closely with suppliers and partners, he diligently optimizes supply chain processes, ensuring seamless and efficient delivery to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. 

With his exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to teamwork, the President continually drives our progress, enabling us to deliver unparalleled products and services to our esteemed customers. 

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Company address:福岡市中央区白金二丁目 4-28ロマネスク白金405室

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