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About us

YOEN specializes in automotive parts representation and training in automotive management tools. We aim to be at the forefront of theindustry, providing top-notch products and professional training to help our customers tackle challenges and achieve success. 

Our core values drive us. We strive for excellence in representation and training, continuously improving to deliver the best experience. Innovation is crucial to our success, as we encourage fresh ideas and creative solutions. Collaboration is key, fostering teamwork and knowledge-sharing among our team members. 

Our goal is to provide value and impact to our customers. Our products and training empower efficiency, cost reduction, and business success. We remain attentive to customer needs, refining our solutions to stay ahead. 

Thank you for visiting YOEN is website. We are excited to collaborate and provide exceptional services. Contact us for automotive parts representation and management training. Let is create a brighter future together!



Company address:福岡市中央区白金二丁目 4-28ロマネスク白金405室

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